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Our story

see6 is building the future of organisational engagement. Our unforgettable experiences create levels of alignment, mindset and capability that deliver better results, faster.


Founded in 2015 and headquartered in New York, we’ve evolved into the leader in real time team experience creation, committed to building lasting partnerships and capabilities that enable anyone to create their own team experience.

Founder story

About 10 years ago, Graham and Toby sat down over a few beers (not an uncommon event) and decided to take on the challenge of improving the way that teams come together and accurately identify the performance opportunities in front of them. This wasn’t about the current team building paradigm that existed in the corporate training world, but rather using technology to simulate those business challenges and gather accurate insights around relevant team skills.

Graham looked at this challenge via his experiences as a UK Commando Forces Officer. During this career he saw that the best way to help teams respond positively to transformation was to raise awareness and motivation to that change. This is very much about intentional design of the experience itself - apart from the technology - where team members feel a sense of isolation, confusion and frustration to create the right amount of friction for effective learning conversations. This principle lives in all of see6 experiences design and technology.

Our licence based business simulations enable our customers to reach larger groups of employees in their organizations, all over the world, at all levels and at a lower cost. This is what inspires us.

Toby has utilised user-centred design and gamification throughout his award-winning career in software, and brings innovation and iteration to every interaction. Whether it is understanding the needs of the organization, the facilitator or the participant, Toby and his team see huge opportunities to turbocharge business transformation through our engaging and challenging simulations. Enabling organizations to deliver efficient, effective and memorable experiences at scale and at speed is what drives us!


Toby and Graham see the future of team engagement as being a collision of inspiring and fun gamification design and an accurate simulation of the transformation challenge itself. see6 was designed as an alternative to the high fidelity, over curated and expensive simulation software of the early 2000s. We give business teams the power to deliver the experience themselves.

Meet our founders

Our values

No secret sauce!

see6 is a community made up of people from a diverse set of backgrounds. We embrace this in everything that we do and use it to our strategic advantage.

We build and grow simulations with our clients to help them achieve this advantage in every thing that they do.

We leverage our knowledge and experience to improve our product and service delivery at every connection point with our clients.

Innovate or die!

We connect ideas to how they improve lives for our clients. We think ahead of their needs.

We are comfortable learning by trying, and use both success and failure to learn from.

We are comfortable with complexity, encourage adaptability and pursue simplicity.

One team!

We build and participate in partnerships across our team.

We seek to break down silos and build trust and productive relationships.

Our Diversity is our competitive advantage.

Disrupt the status quo!

We step up to address difficult issues, respectfully say what needs to be said, and hear what needs to be heard.
We take smart risks.

We are bold. You can make a call and make good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward on its mission.

Be epic!

We do not stop short at seeking to exceed expectations of ourselves and our clients.

We strive to be award winning, industry leading thought leaders.

We are excellent in everything we do.